Responsive Web Design

The Flexible Power of Responsive Web Design

responsive web designToday, we have many different devices accessing web interfaces such as:  mobile smartphones, desktops, tablets, and laptops. So what exactly is Responsive Web Design?  Responsive web design is the practice of enhancing the user experience by adapting web page layouts to the device screen of the user.

The numbers of people browsing websites on mobile broadband is rapidly increasing with mass market smartphone penetration and lower cost of mobile data plans on 3G, 4G and LTE networks. In Q4 2013, the share of website hits with small mobile devices (phones and tablets) is expected at 27% on average for corporate site browsing versus traditional desktop web browsing. In another two years this is expected to rise to 50% of site visits being on a mobile device. These numbers are true for the US, Canada, and even our technical hub of Vancouver, therefore having a responsive website in Vancouver is becoming essential.

Electronic devices that help provide responsive web design in Vancouver, BC

This Is The New Web

Is your company site mobile ready, where your site responds to each viewer’s device? Company sites must have a usable experience for all viewers on every current web browsing device.  The traditional desktop versions of sites are difficult to read and navigate on small devices. Content must me formatted, responsively scaled, and accessible to make an ultimately engaging mobile experience. Reach these mobile customers with a responsive website.

If you like your current company’s website and the site is working well for your business, you can maintain your desktop design and pages, and we will take on the responsive design conversion and make your existing website mobile friendly. We will create an adaptive responsive design of your pages for small mobile devices, producing a usable experience featuring your key content, using the latest mobile technologies for your site.